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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kgalagadi Richtersveld Augrabies Namaqualand

We spent about 6 months planning our roadtrip to the Northern Cape.  It went by in a flash.  We went to look for a place called no-where and found nothing.  We also went to a place called the Kgalagadi. If I had to describe it, I would say it was an experience of a life time.

They say if you go to the Kgalagadi, you will always want to go back.  Well, for us it was like that for sure, but we also want to go back, because even though I grew up next to Kruger and spent most of my life in it, we felt like city slickers stepping into no-mans land.  Booted and geared to the tipping point of perfection (or not!)  On the other hand, that city feeling - TIME - and not having enough of it, never left our side.  "we need more time!" was key to our subconscious most of the 11 days.  4100km later, we arrived back home, already planning for our next adventure.

We will be going back some time for sure, this time armed with a tripod mounted to the car - promise.  The images are being edited and the story is being written, and as soon as I have enough TIME - now that Im back at work - I will load this mind blowing experience on here to share with you our whirlwind tour through the Northern Cape.

Even though our video clips will not be movie-like quality, we had so much fun recording this trip to the Richtersveld, Kgalagadi, Augrabies and Namaqualand.  In the mean time, if I were you, get your anti-nausea tablets ready, because my video clips will soon be uploaded and hope you will enjoy the ride with us.

I know, holidays should be exactly that.  Lessons learnt: spend more time in 1 location and since we are so into our filming and photography, marry the tripod!


emilene said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!!

dizzy* said...

ooh i can't wait to see them! i've been wondering what caused the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks; but it seems to all have been worth it. glad you guys had a good time, and thanx for always sharing your adventures and trips with the rest of us office-bound folk :)

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