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Monday, November 22, 2010

Wildcard Renewal process sucks

So far this has been my experience in getting our WildCard updated:

1 Nov:
Get email notification that Infinity no longer manages Wild Card. they said to pls go to SANPARKS website and update your card so that the new management have what they need to have.

  • we go there to update the information.  We get linked to and then we have to find the form...
19 Nov:
get sms from INFINITY to say the following:
"WILD Cardholder: Your WILD Card, 1234xxxxx, is expiring on 21/12/2010. GO WILD, renew your WILD Card by calling 0861234002 or visiting"

  • since we have done the website thing, we called the given number.
  • we get told to go to the nearest WildCard (Sanparks) office... Canal Walk Entrance 2.
  • at the office in Canal Walk we get given and told to fill in this form and fax it to 021 701 8773 (Done)

after completing the above form, I venture off to phone SANPARKS on 0861 469 453, the phone rang and then I was put on hold for 4 minutes, and then got cut off.

again, I decided to call 0861234002 again to find out something else, again they refer me to Sanparks.

my point being:
all this backwards and forwards commotion to get this card updated so that we can go on holiday with a valid card... getting directed from pillar to post.

  1. After updating our info on the SANPARKS website, they now tell us its not valid we have to do it again.  we do it again... for just in case.
  2. Calling the number on the Wildcard sms, only to be told we must actually call another number...
  3. Call the other number, to be put on hold for 4 minutes and then get cut off...
  4. going to Canal Walk to be told its not there its somewhere else...
  5. have been given the above form to fax off into cyberspace and hoping something will be done about it.
why all the missioning? why not send out 1 sms to refer us to SOMEONE SOMEWHERE that can help us to get it done first time. 
    I just dont know how companies actually survive.  grrr


    emilene said...

    This sounds SO familiar! People in our hiking group spoke about this exact same thing last week. It seems absurd! Grrr is putting it mildly....

    Hello! I'm Juanita. said...

    Thanks Emiline, my point exactly is that if I have this problem, then Im surely not the only one experiencing it. Im going to continue to make a fuss of it until something gets done about it. We really enjoy the Wild Card Magazine and hope they will get their house in order - and not let this one fall apart.

    Anonymous said...

    I have experienced exactly the same headache, the question is whether anyone has successfully made the update/transfer? If so, please pray tell so the rest of us can get it done a bit easier! Thanks, Warwick

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