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Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Hiking Commandments

  1. Never Hike alone. If you get lost, injured or mugged during a hike, there is little chance for you to be helped or rescued. Join a hiking club if you do not have a partner to go with.

  2. Know the Route. Take a map or a guide book or someone that knows the way. If you get lost, find immediate shelter (from rain, wind, sunlight or the evening cold), stay in 1 place, keep calm, try to make yourself visible with means of a mirror or bright object.

  3. Time your route well. Start as early as possible (especially in summer). Make sure you have enough time to be back at your starting point by the time it gets dark.

  4. Take your cell phone. Numbers to save are the following: Mountain Rescue Cape Town (021 948 9900), Attacks or Suspicious Behaviour (086 110 6417). Make sure your phone is charged before you go.

  5. Never go off the path. Do not split your group and retrace your steps if you need to.

  6. Know the Weather Forecast. Make sure you know the conditions and prepare yourself for all 4 seasons in 1 day. Click here for a weather forecast.

  7. Go as fast as the slowest person. Know your abilities and try to stick with a group of similar fitness. It is not a pleasure for you or your team if you can not keep up with them.

  8. Hiking Gear / Items you can not go without The minimum requirements for things to take along with you are: Sunblock, hat for summer, beanie for winter, dry-mac type jacket, safety blanket, comfortable shoes, matches, water, enough snacks like dried fruit, nuts and sweets, bandage.

  9. Notify Someone of your Hike Route: Tell someone where you are going and when they can expect you to be back.

  10. Respect Nature: Stay on the pathways (avoid creating new ones or trampling the terrain). Keep your litter in your bag. Do not pick the flowers. Do not feed the animals or leave food behind for them to find in the bins. Fires are only allowed in designated pick-nick spots.

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