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Monday, December 8, 2008

My Favourite Pictures

I will update this post regularly to share with you my favourite pictures of our hikes.

You can click on the images for a larger view or to save as a desktop wall paper.

Steenbras River waterfall
(Pic taken by Alex)

This water comes directly from the Steenbras Dam which is one of the main water sources for the Western Cape. They have closed the dam to the public now, which is sad because there are some amazing plantations and paths waiting to be explored. This picture is good 'energy' of water flowing towards you. I like it because it looks very peaceful here.

Clover Leaves in Cecilia Forrest
(Pic taken by Juanita)

The fun part of being able to take pictures is the fact that you start to notice the small things. You notice shapes, textures and colours, balance and imbalance. Sometimes a picture just captures a moment. These little heart shaped leaves caught my eye, but the contrast in the colours was really what made me stop and try to capture this shot.

Karbonkelberg Mountain, Houtbay.
(Pic taken by Juanita)
The above picture was taken ontop of the Karbonkelberg, looking down at the ocean towards Sandy Bay and Llandudno. I like this picture because of the awesome view as well as the way the dobies are lookin very concerned on to their owner sitting on the edge of the cliff.

Old Fisherman's Lady
(Pic taken by Alex)
We stopped over at the Houtbay Harbour, not expecting to see much. Both Alex and I were screaming for the camera the moment we got out of the car. Neither of us noticed this old lady's glasses untill we actually viewed the pictures afterwards. This picture entertains my mind every time I look at it.


Jeani said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I'm going to enjoy joining in via virtual hiking ;)

Blog Editor said...

Ah, thanks. glad you like them. There are so many more to load, just need some time. the holidays are soon here - will then loads lots more.

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