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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warning Attacks on Table Mountain

Hi all,

I have just received a message from Table Mountain Safety Action Group via Cape Town Hiking Club.  Looks like these guys / criminals need to get nabbed asap.  Its likely that they are the same 2 people attacking hikers.  Please do not walk alone.  Im always so frustrated when I hear about the hikers that venture off into the hills on their own.  Apart from being a perfect target for abuse by a potential criminal, if a snake bites you or you twist your ankle, you put yourself into great danger. Spending the night alone on the mountain can almost predict certain death.

The idea is to join a hiking group that will suite your hiking style. There are hiking groups being created all the time.  Some people like to walk fast, others like walking slower (sometimes avid photographers), others like talking, some dont... find your perfect hiking partner/s and go out and enjoy the mountain.  Never think you are safe, always make sure you know how to defend yourself when approached or attacked.  Best thing is to try and run away of course, but if that is not possible, try to at least prepare yourself for if it happens to you.  Good luck friends!  and hope to run into you sometime on the mountain too :)

OK, im done moaning.  Im really sorry to hear of this terrible experience that these people endured and hope they catch the criminals soon.  We always carry a shocker and a mace spray on us... you just never know.

Regards, Juanita

Just a warning notice that there have been two attacks in this area over the past 10 days or so.  Not much detail is available but we understand that the more recent attack (last day or two?) was particularly nasty.  We are going to ask TMNP for more detail on this one.  It may also have been picked up by the press so check the Cape Times today / yesterday. More on this one later, hopefully.

The other attack occurred in Newlands Forest specifically - about 10 days ago or so.  Here is the text we received with regards that one:

From a Facebook entry:  is traumatised after being attacked in Newlands Forest yesterday by two men with bottles that they broke on a stone and used as weapons. After that spent whole day looking for Josie (the dog) who ran off scared as a mouse, shame, found her again with the help of amazing friends. Such is life in South Africa. But South African men must be applauded for the way they step up in a crisis!

If anyone knows more, plllleeasse let us know.  This way we can get the facts out soonest to warn others.  Especially with the weekend coming up.  We need locations and any form of description.

Regards Andre TMSAG

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David said...

The attack on Monday afternoon happended to my boyfriend.

He was hiking with 2 friends above Rhodes and they came across 2 guys who produced knives after a scuffle as they tried to steal the one friend's bag. The three then ran from the muggers but Claudio fell into a river and knocked his head and fractured his skull. Luckily he had his phone on him so he could reach me-even though he didnt know where he was (concussion) the Table Mountain rescue team managed to find him withtin an hour and had an ambulance ready when they got him down to Rhodes Memorial.

The other 2 hikers got away safely.
I would encourage all hikers to always have their cellphone on them and to save this number on their phone 021 948 9900-Table Mountain Rescue.
Do NOT carry weapons to defend yourself as these could get stolen as used against you- this happened on Monday as the one friend had a knife and a bat in his bag that got stolen....rather carry mace or a shocker.
Also wearing bright colours helps them to spot you. If Claudio had been knocked unconsious I dread to think what could have happened as he already had hypothermia when he was found.

Claudio had an operation on his skull early Tuesday morning and is ok, but he has some bruising on the brain and a serious concussion which is making speach difficult.

If anybody needs more info I can be contacted on 082 445 7321

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