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Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Header Image Karoo National Park

I have found another favourite image for the blog, so sadly, this one is now also going to have to go...

Alex and I visited the Karoo National Park during 2010 Easter.  Wow, again, what a stunning National Park this is!  We just loved it here. There was so much variety to see, but we were both very happy to squeeze in some time for a hike up this mountain.  To be able to see the park from here was so beautiful.  We had been all over the park, and now had the opportunity to view some our tracks from above.

I loved the mini 4x4 route that we went on... much to Alex's dismay... he kept on wanting his car back, but I was having way too much fun behind the wheel.  And tracking the animals in the dry river beds was taking me back to my childhood days of growing up next to Kruger National Park where my dad was forever showing me animal tracks.  I was almost certain I saw the tracks of a baby black rhino! Well, this I will just never know for sure.  Whether true or not, in my heart, and at that moment, I believed it 100%.

A visit to the Fossil Trail was mind blowing!  ... have you ever seen fossil remains of animals that were considered extinct 30 million years before the dinosaurs roamed the earth?  This park has them a dime a dozen!

I can talk about this park forever, but for now, this park comes highly recommended and can be covered comfortably with a 4x2 high clearance vehicle over a 3 day period.  Enjoy!

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