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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Security on the Mountain

Mountain Club South Africa - Cape Town:

Please also note that this Friday 17th, in addition to the film, there will be a talk by Kelee Arrowsmith on Advanced Conflict Training which teaches people how to develop a safety plan for themselves and their families. There will also be a demonstration of pepper sprays and an opportunity to purchase.

Cyclist robbed at knife point near Rhodes Memorial

A cyclist riding on the mountain this morning (sat 11 July) - making his way up Plum Pudding Hill from the Cape Town side - was accosted by 2 black men with knives. They wanted his cellphone and money - weren't interested in the bike. They only took his phone and in parting slashed the back tyre of his bike.

Their MO was that the one came up out of the bushes and sat on a rock next to the path. As he approached the guy stood up and showed his knife. Rider stopped and got off bike telling him he could take it. Then became aware that there was another guy behind him also with knife.

They asked for his cellphone and the guy behind opened up the riders back shirt pocket to remove the phone. They also asked for money but he didn't have any on him.

Rondebosch police are looking for two knife-weilding suspects who are very mobile in the Rhodes Mem/ Town area. They are apparently "working" this area up and down mountain.

Please caution walkers and riders - they are not a pleasant pair to encounter.

Source: Mountain Club South Africa

Its wise to never walk alone: (10 Hiking Commandments - that will save your life)
The Walking Buddy group is up and running, so do join if you want to walk with an informal group, or are willing to take people with you. See the article on this for more information.

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