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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Support Earth Hour 2009

As an avid Hiker and Nature lover, I believe it would be wrong if I did not post information on how to support Earth Hour on Saturday 28 March 2009.

Something that Earth Hour IS NOT:

  • it is not about switching off your electricity - its about switching off the lights.

  • it is not about saving electricity - it is about a gesture to create environmental awareness within the governments of our worlds.

So here it goes: Juanita x

What is it all about?
This is a Global attempt by the WWF to petition to the United Nations to take on a stronger stance with regards to the devastating effects of Global Warming.

Why MUST you register for it to work?
By registering at Earth Hour you will become part of a larger petition of 1 billion names that will be sent to the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen at the end of the year to put pressure on world leaders to pass legislation on climate change.

What do the WWF need to make an impact at this meeting?
1. Internationally - we need 1 billion signatures and 1000 cities’ involvement
2. Nationally - we need every South African, in every town.


    This is not a job that one South African can do. It is about everyone participating.
    This is not about saving electricity, it is about a global effort to save the earth.
    This is a call to all South Africans and everyone around the world to join in, because your participation will make a world of difference.

There are 3 things you can do to help support this cause:
    1. Firstly you gotta Register. Click here to sign up on
    2. SMS your postal code to 34017 at a cost of R2. (South Africa only)
    3. Switch off your lights for 1 hour on the 28th of March 2009, 20h30 - 21h30. (In South Africa)

Things to do when you switch off your lights at home.
    1. Book and spend the night in an overnight hut during a fantastic hike. (For hiking permits please call the CapeNature call centre on 021 659 3500)
    2. have a picnic.
    3. have a braai. (BBQ for those who do not know SA terms)
    4. bring out the candles.
    5. play card games or board games.
    6. let the children have a fun sleep-over. (help make them aware of the influence they too have)
    7. go for a walk in the moonlight with your pets and the whole family.
    8. Every 1 person supporting this initiative, is 1 more person closer to the Global Goal.
    9. Document it with your video/camera your version of what your city did during.

Who are the public faces supporting this cause?

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Andrew Boraine
    Bryan Habana
    Charlene Truter
    Dave Pepler
    Deon Meyer
    Derek van Dam
    Etienne van Heerden
    Francois Groepe
    Jo-Ann Strauss
    Leon Schuster
    Marc Lottering
    Mayor Amos Masondo
    Moroka Swallows
    Patricia de Lille
    Ryk Neethling
    Soli Philander
    Tammy-Anne Fortuin
    The Parlotones
    The Stormers
    Vali Moosa

    taking place during Earth Hour

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