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Friday, February 13, 2009

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro Day 4

This is the second last morning for the hikers and they have a very steep hike ahead of them (having to climb the Barranco wall).

Video: Early morning of day 4 at Barranco Camp (3 950m)

This is Peter commenting on the unusable frozen face cloths. Bathing on this hike is a luxury not many dare to attempt. Wet wipes and face clothes is about as good as its gonna get.

The almost verticle Barranco Wall takes you up to about 4 200m.

After reaching the top of the Barranco Wall, the hikers descend down into Karranga Valley.

The Karranga Valley is the last possible stop for fresh water. Hikers are urged to fill up here and ensure they have enough water for the rest of their trip to the summit.

Its vitally important that the hikers continue to drink no less than 3 to 4 litres of water per day. This helps to keep the right amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and therefor avoiding the dreaded altitude sickness.

Dani took this picture to remind herself of the difficult slate rock which she had to climb over on this route.

Video: climbing up to Barafu Hut (4 600m)

Video: Barafu Hut (4 600m)... Peter shows us the views from the camp and the route for the last part of the climb.

Next step, get to bed very early, and start the final climb at midnight ...

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