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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro Day 3

Its not often that the hikers can see the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro because of the endless misty cloud cover...

Here Dani gets a glimps of the peak early on the morning day 3 from the Shira Hut / Camp (3 840m)

After breakfast the hikers set of for a 6 hour hike to Barranco Hut (3 950m). This next camp is only 100m difference in altitude, but for the hikers to acclimatise they have to hike up to the Lava Tower (4 600m) to get their bodies prepared for the altitude changes in the next 2 days.

Video: After leaving Shira Hut, the hikers reach Shira Plateau (3 950m)

Video: Getting closer to Lava Tower...

The Barranco Hut is located in a valley below the Lava Tower.

These giant plants create dense forests so high up on the mountain. The leaves are designed to not fall off, but rather just collapse ontop of one another to protect the bark from the extreme temperatures.

Video: Arriving at Barranco Camp (3 950m)

Peter said that he felt snug like a bug in a rug with his First Ascent sleeping bag and it comes highly recommended.
After supper the hikers head for the comfort of their warm bedding and their second last night ontop of the Kilimanjaro mountain.

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