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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Link to Our Hiking Guide

Our Hiking Guide would like to exchange links with you. All you need to do is load our information on your site as per the information below, send us a mail linking to the link on your web page and we will gladly link back to your site.

Use any of the following copy paste codes, and we will do the same for you:

1. Basic Information
You can use the basic information of our Hiking website to create your own links.

Title: Our Hiking Guide. Detailed description and images of hiking routes that we have done.
Description: Detailed description and images of hiking routes that we have done.

2. Links with images
We have created the following website Banners for you to use on your website to link to us. To install one of these graphic links on your website simply copy-paste the code into your webpage.

Info Site Banner 468 x 85

Copy-Paste Code:

Info Site Banner 468 x 60

Copy-Paste Code:

Other image sizes:
Let us know the required specs, and we will send it to you.

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