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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Submit Your Hike

We would love to hear about your hikes and adventures!

Copy and paste the following information into a blank email, then complete the missing information and send it to us. Dont forget to submit your pictures too!

Name of Reserve / Area:
Nearest Town:

Directions to get there: (give as much detail, including road names etc)

Duration of hike: (how long did it take to complete the hike?)

Best time of year to go: (what levels of shade are on this hike? what is the climate like?)

Fresh Water: (Is there fresh water and if so, is it drinkable?)

Difficulty: (talk about the inclines, exposure to hights, rock scrambling, how fit do you need to be?)

You might also want to give your version of the Mike Lundy rating which is a combination of the following two grades:
1 = Easy stroll;
2 = Moderate;
3 = Streunous excersise;
4 = Only for the very fit
A = No exposure to heights;
B = Mild exposure to heights;
C = Moderate exposure to heights;
D = Very exposed to heights;

Pets: (are pets allowed? is it safe for them?)

How safe is it: (what are the crime levels like?)

What costs did you incurr to do this hike: ( overnight accom / gate entry fees / etc )

Pics taken by: (who owns the pictures?)

Hikers Ratings: (Who are the hikers and what did they think about their experience on this hike?)

Describe the hike from beginning to end: (if you can!)

Submit your hikes here.

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