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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hiking Boomslang Cave - Part 4 of 4

The route from The Amphitheatre is an edless display of flowers during this time of the year (January). Thanks again to Alex for capturing these stunning floral displays.

(Click on the above image for a larger view)

From The Amphitheatre in a straight path going in a NE direction. turn right into Spes Bona Valley.
Latitude 34° 6'45.75"S, Longitude 18°26'14.89"E
I can not recall any paths to turn into coming from The Amphitheatre, towards Spes Bona Valley. As you start decending down into the valley, keep in the direction of the ocean and follow this path down. Soon you will again find youself in another Yellowwood and Milkwood forrest, with an awesome boardwalk to make your route down so much easier and more beautiful.
(Click on the above image for a larger view)

(Click on the above image for a larger view)

Once emerging from a good 20 minute plus walk through the forrest and the end of the boardwalk, continue about 10 minutes with the path all the way to the gravel road. At the T-junction, turn right in a downwards direction.
Gravel Road, Latitude 34° 7'7.94"S, Longitude 18°26'48.28"E
Your next landmark is about 10 minutes away at the stone cut beacon (Ou Kraal Koppie Junction) where three paths come together.
Ou Kraal Koppie Junction, Latitude 34° 7'14.75"S, Longitude 18°26'48.43"E

Continue going straight pass Ou Kraal Koppie (which you will pass on your left), and do not however follow the path going to the left.
The picture below is the view you will find on your right of the entire route that you have just covered.
The left hill is the location of Boomslang Cave, the right hill is the location of the Amphitheatre. In between these two hills is the stone cluster called Hungy Harry's in the foreground and Echo Valley behind that. The far right valley is Spes Bona Valley.

Soon (about 5 minutes from here) you will reach a T-junction, the spot that you passed earlier on your way up, Weary Willy's stone cut pond.
Weary Willy's Stone Cut Pond, Latitude 34° 7'17.69"S, Longitude 18°26'46.48"E
At this point turn left down the mountain for a 15 minutes walk back to your car.

On your way down will see the Kalk Bay Harbour lighthouse. This is where I noticed how all the guys stopped for a breather and an oogle over how the surfers in the bay were catching a barrel in the perfect surfing conditions.

Kalk Bay Harbour Lighthouse, Latitude 34° 7'41.96"S, Longitude 18°27'4.52"E

This path will take you directly back to your car in Boyes Drive.
Thanks to the team who enjoyed this hike with us:
Alex Aitkenhead, Brian Spratley, Camilla Fraser, Elizabeth Oh, Hennie Genis, Iva Lopes de Sarria, Juanita Welgemoed, Justin Groombridge,Michell Geere, Simon Bishop, Rudi Nagel.
Once again thanks to Brian, Iva and Alex for sharing their pictures with me to document this hike.
I hope you enjoy these images and routes as much as I did.


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Anonymous said...

AWESOME pics!!! Nice pics of Cederberg as well! Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Used to walk these paths and explore the caves regularly with "Professor" Meyer in the late 1940's early 1950. He had a room with Tommy Carse, the local policeman who worked closely with the people in the fishermen's cottages which were on the Clovelly hillside overlooking Kalk Bay harbour. Prof Meyer was a fabulous man, and should be remembered for his courtesy, his friendliness and sincerity. I remember him in particular as one to the most honest people I ever met. We used to take sandwiches with us and, (in the days when you could) make coffee over an open fire on sites overlooking False Bay. At one spot we went to regularly there was a "koggelmander" who enjoyed watching us and was not above sharing the sandwiches. He always said grace before we "broke bread". Prof Meyer discovered, named and mapped and maintained access to many of the caves. I imagine his spirit still walks these mountains.

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