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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hiking Boomslang Cave - Part 2 of 4

Hiking Boomslang Cave - Part 2 of 4

Having just come from Jolulu Track, around the next corner we came upon these 3 caves which were less than 50 meters apart.
Boomslang Entrance, Latitude 34° 7'10.86"S, Longitude 18°26'21.92"E
The first cave was called White Dome Grotto. A large obvious hole on the edge of this rock wall.
This was not the cave we planned to explore, but the guys did pop their heads inside to have a look.
Then about 10 meters to the left of the above cave (White Dome Grotte), we passed the cave we were planning to explore (Boomslang Cave), just to have a quick look at the cave called Avernus (which was about another 20m to the right of Boomslang).

Hidden inside another stunning Yellowwood grove is the cave Avernus.

Soon the moment of glory came. In the middle of the two caves is a massive crater in the rock. This is where the entrance to Boomslang Cave is.

Looking back we saw the subburbs of Fishhoek.
Everyone got their candles and torches out and headed into the abyss of darkness.

(click on the above image for a larger view)
The most important thing to remember about this cave is to follow the direction of the breeze you feel on your face. Take it slow and you will soon know where to go.

We came upon massive chambers all over the place.

The passages soon becomes narrower and you will find yourself to be bending down lower and lower all the time untill you are on your hands and knees. By this time you will be able to see 'the light at the end of the tunnel'.

(Click on the above image for a larger view)
About an hour later, and pumped with adrenalin, we emerged from the exit point of the cave.
Boomslang Exit Point, Latitude 34° 7'7.27"S, Longitude 18°26'21.60"E

The exit point of the cave is approximately 150 meters from where the entrace. As soon as we reached the other side, it was a perfect time and spot to enjoy a snack and refuel for the next leg of our route.

From here we followed the path down the mountain back to where we came from at the Echo Valley Path which merged with the Jolulu Track.
Jojulu Track, Latitude 34° 7'7.87"S, Longitude 18°26'31.41"E
Our next adventure was the Echo Valley Boardwalk and The Amphitheatre...


Magdalena said...

A few of us would like to go thru' Boomslang Cave this coming Sunday 3/4/2011. One friend says we must definitely get an experienced guide- it is dangerous- people have gotten lost (fell down shafts after entering the wrong cave etc). Another friend says it is no big deal.. what say you? (we don't have great experience- just do easy hikes mostly- though don't suffer from clastrophobia or anything of the sort). Thanks, Magda Kus

Hello! I'm Juanita. said...

Hi Magda,

you are welcome to do the hike on your own, its tricky to find.

I can try and join you on this hike if you so wish and if Im free, I might not be, but can try.

Do you know how to get to the cave?

if you do, then this is what you do inside the cave...

Each hiker MUST take their own strong torch.
do not go when it is or was raining, the cave will not be pleasant, it will be waterlogged and very muddy.
inside the cave, the direction to go is to follow the feeling of the breeze in your face. the airflow is the direction of the tunnel. in the end of the tunnel, you will have to go on your hands and knees for about 5m before you get to the other side.

I did a GPS tracking of this route about 4 weeks ago. I will see if I have time today to load it for you.

kind regards,

Aliasgar Esmail said...

Dear Juanita ,
Many thanks for such a detailed and entertaining description , me and a few of my friends wanted to do this hike tomorrow we do have some hiking experience and I have read your post and some other descriptions as well but I would really appreciate the GPS track of your route. I know your posting was a few years

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