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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cape Point Free Guided Walks

Sanparks: Free Guided Walks at Cape Point

There are enthusiastic volunteers who are now offering free guided walks at Cape Point.
Please note:
  • Meeting point for all hikes is just inside the main gate on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
  • Walkers must wear strong boots and have hat, sun block, rain gear, water and a snack.
  • You can purchase an activity card (obtainable at Boulders or Westlake) or pay admission/ conservation fee at the gate.
  • There is no payment for the walk. ***note different start times***
  • Enquiries: John 021 782 2379 Ian 021 782 8552
Date Route Approx Distance Starting Time Hours Leader
May 8 Olifantsbos Road to Sirkelsvlei and Return 5km 09:00 3 Des: (021) 782 1375
June 12 Sirkelsvlei Circuit (from Olifantsbos) 6km
10:00 3.5 Ron: (021) 789 1918
July 10

Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre to Antonies Gat and Return via Beach 8km 10:00 4 John: (021) 782 2379
Aug 14 Hoek van Bobejejaan Circular Route 5km 10:00 3 Ian: (021) 782 8552
Sept 11
Gifkommetjie to Good Hope 8km 09:00 4 John: (021) 782 2379
Oct 9

Shipwreck Trail (starting from Gifkommetjie) 6km 09.00 3 Ian: (021) 782 8552
Nov 13

Kanonkop Trail (From Visitors Centre) 6km 08.00 3.5 Ian: (021) 782 8552
Dec 11
Mystery Hike 8km 08.00 4.5 John: (021) 782 2379

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