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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wildcards have arrived finally

Wildcards arrived in the post, loaded with errors.

Well, I am very glad that our Wildcard finally arrived, but it took some serious begging, pleading and moaning to the folks at SANParks who are in charge of this department.

The kind lady who mainly runs the Wildcard page on Facebook, offered to help us out.  It was through her that she found out almost all our details (phone, address, emails and spelling of surname) had some sort of fault in it.  I have a copy of my application that I gave in (as I could only do... I took a photo of the application form before I gave it in at the office in Westlake, but will not load for privacy reasons), and I can remember clear as bells, that I wrote very neatly on the application - for us to have avoid this very experience.

Needless to say, we now have the Wildcard and wish to make you aware that your Wildcard might have suffered the same fate and its worth your while to go and look online or call them directly to confirm the delay.

Happy Wildcard hunting !


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