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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hiking Trails Jonkers Hoek

Jonkershoek Plantation is situated just outside the very scenic town of Stellenbosch.  We decided to do the easier route on this day, called 'Tweede Waterval'. 

The whole route was about 6km there and back.

Getting there:  pay a nominal entrance fee at the gate and drive your car in for about 5km.  The start of the walk starts at the furthest point of this circular jeep track around the lake.  Park your car there and follow the signs.

The walk if fairly flat, easy and very traightforward.  As soon as you get to the point indicated in the image below, you will start climbing towards the gorge.  This is where the path gets a bit haizy and one can often assume the route stops somewhere here...

continue to follow the path downwards into the valley by the stream.  Cross over the stream and continue to follow the path up towards the 'look out' point.

This is where we decided to rather follow our noses and head upstream into the valley.  At first it looked impossible, so we decided to walk in the river path for as far as we can.  This turned out the become a beautiful discovery for everyone...

being able to walk right to the waterfall was such a peaceful experience...

... always taking pictures :)

after spending about an hour inside the river, having a lunch break, we headed back under the now very hot sun, 3km to our cars.

I forgot to load this walk on my blog. and am a little rusty on the details.  Its given me a reason to just have to go back here again.... but its dedicated by Al to his brother Russle.

Dont ever forget to stop and appreciate the wild animals roaming freely all over the place!

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