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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wolfberg Cracks - Part 5: The Easy Route Down

Having come from the Wolfberg Arch, we wanted to be back down by at least 18h00. By this time I was exhausted and decided to take a slow pace down.

We returned to the Wolfberg Arch sign, then we went to look for our marker that we planted before we left, and we were comfortable to know we were going down the right way.

The path is very clear, so it was not difficult to find at all.  No need for describing where to go, again the cairns were a blessing.

At this point I decided to take short 5 min break, to regain some strength to head forward.  Its almost more difficult to stop, because then your legs become lazy from being so tired.  My feet were hurting more than anything by now.

The picture below is showing the last stretch of the easy down-route (6) of the crack. I only inserted it to give the readers an understanding of this is where your path splits when you go up (5), and again the path that you come back to when you come down from the other side.  (The picture is of me going up, so dont let it confuse you if you wish to use this article as a guide.)

How do you climb a mountain?  1 step at a time.  I had to remind myself:  "its the same for getting back down - 1 step at a time".

We reached the car at 18h00.

And were spoilt for choice again with the most beautiful of beautiful sunsets over the Cederberg!

The memories of this hike will surely last forever.  Alex is the most wonderful hiking partner, and he pushes me all the way.  I enjoy being challenged and would not want it any other way either.

Thanks again to Gerrit at Oasis for being our virtual guide all the way!

We really would love to come back and do this route again some day in the near future.  We will be bringing our mountain bikes with us and stay for longer.  Maybe next September again?!

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