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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where to go on a Full Moon night...

The above image shows Lions Head on the right and The Cable Way Station on Table Mountain on the left.

Hiking Trail: Lions Head on a Full Moon
Name of Reserve / Area: Table Mountain National Park
Nearest Town: Camps Bay, Fresney, Hugo vale, Cape Town CBD
Province: Western Cape
Country: South Africa

Duration of hike: 45 min up and 30 min down. How long you stay at the top is up to you.
Directions to get there: From Cape Town CBD, take Buitengracht road up to the Cable Way. At the top, turn a sharp right into Signal Hill drive. Soon thereafter going upwards, you will find the security hut by the boom (as in the image below) on your left. On good weather nights, finding a close parking is a luxury. We were lucky to find one right at the start of the walk.

Best time of year to go: This is a hike for anyone to take at any time. We decided that we wanted to experience a full moon experience on the mountain. This one was by far the closest thing to getting out there and enjoying the outdoors at night, and in a safe environment. (By safe I mean, without maybe getting lost)

How safe is it: It used to be a spot for regulars to be mugged. Now we are happy to see that the Cape Town City Council together with Table Mountain National Park have taken on the responsibility to keep us safe. This is the second time that I have come here to find a security guard together with his dog, to protect the walkers for as long as it takes them to come back down again. We offered them a snack, and we were so taken by the fact that he had no problem to share it with his dog.

I must say that if you are not looking for crowds, then this is not the place to be on a full moon night. With 1 single track all the way to the top, patience and a good attitude will ensure a fun experience with everyone.

On our way up, we were amazed by the number of people who had a similar idea to what we had for tonight. Watching the sun set and the moon rise (on a warm summers' night) is uplifting and an experience you should not let slip by you any time soon.

As our single track around the mountain takes us up towards the peak, the shadows disappear and the city lights begin to entertain you all the way to the top.

We were still climbing and suddenly the hustle and bustle of the mountain came to an eerie stillness. All the people seemed to stop and find themselves a spot to get comfortable on. And then... a sudden cheer, applause and laughter begins - The moon has risen. What a awesome spectacular once again, so many millions of times... over and over again did she rise over the horizon to do what she has come to do. Well done Mrs Moon. You rock chickeroo! (such elegance, power and beauty... the moon must be female?! )

What costs did you incur to do this hike: sushi and bubbly.

(I might comment that this is not such a good idea for going down in the dark after sharing a bottle of bubbly with your favourite person. Stepping skew or wrong did ensure a swollen ankle for me for at least a week after. Which lead us to the nearest outdoor shop to buy a Petzl lamp for our next after-dark expedition the week after...)

Fresh Water: none. Take lots.

Difficulty: Its a steady incline all the way to the top. Anyone can do this walk.

Pets: Allowed. Not sure if its such a good idea for a night time experience though.

The above image can be seen in a large version here.

Table Mountain in the background and the man with the telescope in the foreground, gives the beacon on top of Lions Head a much more interesting perspective.

How will I rate this hike? Wowee!!! I loved this one. Very romantic and a must do if u wish to experience the outdoor in Cape Town at night. Easy. Fun walk for the whole family. Fantastic experience if you wish to experience the full moon from on top of the mountain.

Full Moon dates for the future:

Full Moon Calendar

1 & 31
December2 & 31

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Great picture from what looks like a great hike! read more about hiking at

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