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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update: Tokai Arboretum walk

In response to my original article about the sad state of the Tokai Arboretum, SANPARKS responded.

1 September 2009: Feedback Received from SANPARKS:

I am delighted and thankful that SANPARKS responded with a great response. We will update the blog as soon as we can take them up on their offer!


we have a booklet with a list of 1555 trees in it. It has 4 columns - number on tree, the corresponding scientific name, common name and origin.
I do update this booklet every 2 years to make provision for dying off, wind falls, etc.

The booklet is available at the office and at the Tea room.

We can unfortunately not display the tree names on each tree, but we have the map in the Arboretum and we have the booklets.

The tree in the photograph with your article is Eucalyptus botryoides, the one with the knobs...

And the other one that looks like a candlebra is a dead Pinus radiata.

I will soon display name boards specifically on these 2 trees.

When you return to Tokai Arboretum for your 'proper educational walk' please invite me and John Green, the chair person of our Friends association, to accompany you on your walk.


Chris Botes,
P.O.Box 30088, TOKAI. 7966 Tel: 021. 712 7471 Cell: 082 411 3544

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